The Word “Truth” and “Change” Has Been Hi-jacked.

By Brad T. (Italianlad)

The word truth, has lost its objective meaning, and has been replaced with a more palatable subjective one, in which truth simply means ones own opinion.

How has this happened, you might ask. It’s very simple: Various truths that are categorised as taboo, things like profiling and “Politically incorrect” terminology has tarnished the very word, citing people’s feelings as being hurt at the very sound of certain words or phrases. It is by such methods that the word Truth has been watered down, so that nobody is hurt, everyone is right, and no one is wrong, save for those who disagree with the agenda of the proletariat.

Now, the word “Truth” can be tagged along side topics such as extraterrestrials, Bigfoot, Atlantis, or simple grassroots organisations that have an agenda. You can tell who has an agenda, if what they’re trying to convey only fits the narrow model of those who preach it. The fact of the matter is, truth will most often hurt a vast majority of people who hear the thing, and cause the vast majority to turn off from it. Within the context that I am speaking here, the word truth went mainstream with the slogan “Citizens for 9/11 truth”. This concept started with general and sincere concerns that what we were told happened on that fateful day wasn’t The Truth.
Citing extraterrestrials and the like, that fall into the paranormal, desiring the truth is one thing. Supporting said desire with feigned feelings of excitement over intangible or over exaggerated, and even outlandish dot-connecting is another issue entirely.

It is my opinion however that, as more and more people have become aware of certain inconsistencies surrounding the official story about 9/11, that people have really begun to exploit and devalue the word truth. With YouTube and other social media exploding over the past ten years, everyone with an opinion will tell you their truth, and the meaning has been lost in time and translation.

Patriots like William Cooper expressively stated that: “The Quest for truth begins here. Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research.”  The moment people gave up their responsibility to fact check, occurred when an overly opinionated individual presented certain facts in front of them, and then laid out complete conjecture, confirmation bias, or logical fallacies to uphold their theories, without the foresight to RE-search what was claimed. Now, with the plethora of social media websites, there is a variety of opinion for people of all ages, creeds, colors and religions to choose from.

A sense of comfort it seems, is not without its irony. To be comfortable with ones own self is to be *true* to ones own self, but all to often it seems that being comfortable in living within ones own skin, often relies on self-delusion based on personal hypocrisies, confirmation bias and finding cliques of people who share a similar world view. I hold to the idea that the truth will always come out as a RESULT OF the situation, and not necessarily from any aspect FROM the situation itself. 

As an example, as much evidence one can find to show that 9/11 was not the incident we were led to believe, can only be catalyzed by a free and open press willing to critique and openly discuss the findings, without prejudice. (aspects FROM the situation) However, it is the truth that the Department of Homeland Security and The Patriot Act have within their structure the means to stifle constitutional law and freedoms in the U.S.A. (Truth as a RESULT OF the situation) However, it is a matter of opinion to state that the DHS or the use of provisions within the Patriot Act to stifle freedoms will happen tomorrow, or the next day or next week. 

Having an opinion is by no means a fault that I am laying down on people, quite the contrary, it’s when opinions are laid out as truth that I take issue. An intelligent mind will and should always make inferences into what they read, provided that what they read can be cross referenced by an entirely separate and independent source, and inconsistencies are found between them. It’s by those inconsistencies that a healthy skepticism can be inferred logically, without the worry of having the shackles of labels like “Conspiracy Theorist” or “kook” laid upon you.

The cynical forces however that drive these people who hijacked the word Truth for their own gains is unwavering. Like the word… “Change”, which again, in the context that I am speaking simply means a desire to move closer to socialism (even if people who chant it, don’t understand this). The word “change” doesn’t have to mean anything new, but it carries a certain connotation with it, that simply put, when heard aloud, can have a powerful influence over the minds who are fed up with current social norms and memes. In reality, the word Change, always means to revert back to an old philosophy, like those put forth by Karl Marx, and first put into practice by Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin.

“Change” like “Truth” now, carry with it backwards, or unintentional meanings, that benefit the safe zone that people desire to crawl under when things get bad. It belies the responsibility of others when minimal participation in the “Democratic Process” is a common thing. Casting a ballot every 4 years is still seen as patriotic, but when things get bad people wash their hands of it, and their responsibility ends there. They either, A: make excuses for the thing, or B: claim they didn’t “vote” for the current man in office.

Therefore, “Change” becomes the only solution, when it of course, is the only alternative they present to you. Even today, I still hear people say, “You have to embrace change”. Embrace it like the plague folks.

Here’s an excerpt from Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, (1971) Page 141, Chapter VII, entitled “Pressure From Above And From Below”, “The American middle class is being squeezed to death by a vice. In the streets, we have avowed revolutionary groups such as the Students for a Democratic Society (which was started by the League for Industrial Democracy, a group with strong C.F.R ties) the Black Panthers, the Hippies and the Young Socialist Alliance. These groups chant that if we don’t “change” America, we will lose it. “Change” is a word we hear over and over. By “change” these groups actually mean Socialism. Virtually all members of these groups sincerely believe They are fighting the Establishment. In reality, they are an indispensable ally to the Establishment.”

(The word “change” is still a popular slogan, within both mainstream politics [Obama has used this as his slogan] and by grassroots organisations that front themselves as fighters of the establishment [We Are Change, The Occupy Movement etc.] The author points this out over 40 years ago, and is still apt today. Keep a sharp ear out for those who use this word)

Like with We Are “Change” who desire “Truth” in all things including 9/11, many other groups as well, are well-intentioned, but to dig down deep to the root of the problems is no easy task. Reason is because there still exist the collective model, that in my opinion is the root of all problems politically and economically within the U.S and abroad. It’s easier, as I said in the beginning of this piece, for people to find like-minded individuals or cliques, however, when it concerns research into something, the leadership has already corralled the followers below them into camps. The individual in my opinion, is much better suited to research solo, because the collective pressure isn’t there, that research may find in contradiction to the groups overall mission.

In closing, I desire that wherever there may be ill feelings toward those in power who lie and trick the minds of those below, that honest attempts be made by the individual to try to dig to the root of the problem, including and especially those in a position to blow the whistle on certain knowledge that they might have. Being in the age that we’re in information is everywhere, but sifting through it is like driving through a blizzard. Your GPS has you on the right track, but you still have to rely on your eyes to get the job done.

(Note* This is strictly my opinion)

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