The Syria Sarin Gas Incident: A Blacked out Issue Trumped by Benghazi

By Brad T. (Italianlad) May 14th, 2013

On Monday, May 6th, 2013 posted an article to their website entitled:

“W.H on Syria sarin gas claim: Look to regime, not rebels”.

The article explains that the Whitehouse’s stance on the claims of chemical weapons use in Syria, was the work of Bashar Assad’s military, rather than the State Department funded and trained rebels.

On Monday, May 6th, the United Nations panel, serving to investigate claims of war crimes within the country has emphatically stated that no conclusive evidence was found to support the claims of sarin gas use, either by the regime, or the rebel forces.

It’s important to note however, that a panel member has stated publicly that indications indeed are present to suggest that the use of the gas was perpetrated by the Syrian Rebels, and NOT Assad’s military. Carlos Del Ponte told Swiss Television that the U.N’s panel on Syrian war crimes investigators, has indications that Syrian rebel forces have employed the use of weaponized sarin nerve agent. “Strong, concrete suspicions, but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas from the way the victims were treated”.

Following these allegations, the U.N has taken a step back from the claims altogether, but is important to state here that in the beginning, when the claims were first made public, that the U.N was directly on board with the information that the Administration released that Assad’s military had used the gas. If indeed the information is correct, and we’re to ultimately resolve the facts that indicate the rebels were behind the attack, then it’s my contention that this story needs to be blown wide open.

Two days after this article went mainstream, on Wednesday, May 8th, Congressional hearings commenced regarding the Benghazi incident, of which, we haven’t heard a word about for months prior. It was the week prior to the 6th, that the sarin gas story broke, and it is my opinion that Benghazi is a smoke screen being used by the Admin, (with which they still have plausible deniability anyhow) to bury the sarin gas incident. The UN is contemptible in retracting it’s statement that it found zero evidence of sarin use, when the Obama Administration is at least acknowledging that it was, but not by who they’re claiming, and because it was a U.N investigator that came out with any information whatsoever, contradicted the claims coming from the Obama Administration in the first place.

The implications are as damning to this Administration as the hot water they’re in surrounding the incident in Benghazi. The Syrian rebel forces, now fighting the offensive in its prime, beginning last November, have direct State Department funding, from the U.S taxpayer, through various contracting agencies such as Bancroft Global Group, a dummy corporation used in the training of African troops to fight the opposition in Somalia.

News broke several weeks ago, that in fact, al-Qaeda forces have joined the rebels in their cause to oust Assad’s regime, and if the use of chemical weapons is being used by American assets, an act that directly violates the Geneva Convention, then the U.N needs to do everything in its power to either prove or disprove these allegations.

One thought on “The Syria Sarin Gas Incident: A Blacked out Issue Trumped by Benghazi

  1. I this is peculiar. You might be on to something the benghazi hearings was 2 day later.. I’ll have to keep watch thanks

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