Selected Reading for True Patriots

Several works authored by various individuals have helped to open my eyes to the dredges of worldly oppression and deceit among the masses.

Kozak, Jan “And Not A Shot Is Fired” (1999) [Originally published in Czech under the title: How Parliament Can Play a Revolutionary Part in the Transition to Socialism and the Role of the Popular Masses] is a great publication that is easy to read, and is under 100 pages! It outlines how Czechoslovakia succumbed to socialism without the direct influence of the Soviet Union (C.C.C.P). Using the pressures of the revolutionary government (Pressure from above) to suppress, and eventually co-opt the bourgeoisie (Pressure from below), infiltration tactics seething from within the government, sought the destruction of the parliamentary system, by means of Problem-Reaction-Solution, by making it seem that The People had desired its outcome by coercion.

A.N.A.S.I.F contains the methods utilized to transform a parliamentary system into a socialist one, by means of the Democratic process.

Excerpt: Page 47, entitled The “Democratic Way to Socialism”, “it is as if this transparent wishful thinking were the father of the theory of a permanent peaceful coexistence of capitalism and socialism in one state, of the merging of antagonistic classes”

“To us, nationalization and socialization of key positions in production and distribution and protection of private ownership of small and medium production units, and especially of private ownership of small and medium agricultural property, are an expression of a wise and economical organization… The materialization of this plan will lead to gradual elimination of class conflict in human society.”

Allen, GaryNone Dare Call It Conspiracy” (1971) Casts off the shadows that shroud the inner workings of government by unveiling the hidden underbelly of domestic and foreign policy setting out side of congressional and constitutional authority. Under 200 pages in length, this is a great read, and still remains a very underground book; this work is out of print and may be difficult to find. (Amazon should have it stocked)

Excerpt: Page 131, Chapter VII, entitled “Pressure From Above And From Below”, “Alsop continued what is probably the most damning column ever written about Richard Nixon by noting the role that the mass media have played in portraying to the public an image that is the reverse of the truth:”

“… There is also a human element in this excersise in mutual obfuscation. To the liberals, especially the liberal commentators who dominate the media, Richard Nixon is Dr. Fell (‘The reason why I cannot tell, but this I know and know full well, I do not like thee Dr. Fell.’). This is not surprising. Not too many years ago, Richard M. Nixon was one of the most effective-and least lovable-of the conservative Republican professionals of the McCarthy era.”

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